Blockchain refers to a decentralized list of information contained in blocks which are linked to each other using cryptography. Each interlinked block contains the cryptographic hash of the previous block, time stamp and transaction data. There is no single ownership or proof of data and Blockchain works in a consensus system among peers or nodes.

Techie Amigos provides world’s first ultra fast DLT based on blockchain for different industry use. We are helping companies usher in the new era buy providing them consulting, implementation and development work in Blockchain DLT.

Industries where Techie Amigos is currently engaged in implementing Blockchain DLT includes supply chain and management, procurement, banking and medical sector.

Blockchain based food traceability and transparency in food supply chain

Over the last few years public opinion has changed significantly about the importance of food information transparency. Its seems that the public trust has deceased massively in food supply chain. According to IFIC (International Food Information Council Foundation) food traceability is one of the top 5 trends in 2019. Consumers in lot of surveys have expressed their willingness to switch to those brands who provide them with more transparency into the food supply chain and where they can track their food back to the source.

Current digital systems in which companies have invested are not capable to handle this due to their design.

Techie Amigo’s Blockchain DLT + IOT based supply chain management (food tracking and traceability) platform offers all the elements to successfully implement food tracking and traceability ranging from tools (IoT) to collect data, to data immutability, decentralization and processing based on blockchain distributed ledger technology along with Implementation services and Post Go LIVE support.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are contracts coded in a software program running on Blockchain. Smart contracts execute themselves when the set conditions are met. This provides an opportunity to various industries which rely heavily on huge paper work, middle men and lose millions of dollars due to incorrect or improper invoicing or invoice amount, delays in invoicing, delays in getting the paperwork, human error.

Techie Amigos help companies in creating and implementing smart contracts. We have helped and implemented smart contracts from a single division within an organization to a much broader across the enterprise wide implementation.

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